1. Romantopia Entrance and Parking lot

In GPS, search the title “romantopia” or type our address “gasiri 2314” , as you reach the place you can see romantopia as the picture below.

2. Parking Lot

There are two parking lots for guests, please park the left hand side first, if you are ealier. the lines are located in different with electronic chargers thus please refer the white line on the ground as you park.

3. House Oreum and Memory

the two guest houses are the same condition , except the cloths the dolls wear.

Usually, we provide direct guidance when we are at home

There is a key next to the door , and the door is open in general. please push the door as you lock or open it with key ,since they are wooden houses, the door and entrance frame are changing from season to season.

4. House manual

We have a house manual on the dining table. Please refer to it. It contains a local map and information about restaurants and cafes in the area.

5. Boiler (Hot water)

The boiler is already turned on, so you can simply use it. The indoor temperature and hot water are both set. When you go out, please just turn off the power button. Thank you.

5. Bed

On the right side of the bedding, there is an electric blanket with temperature control and power settings.

Please turn off and then on the power button before you go to sleep. It will automatically turn off after 15 hours of being on.


There are two Wi-Fi networks available.
Please connect to the one with the stronger signal.

wifi oreum 
Password gasi2314

wifi memory
Password gasi2314

8. Nearby

the restaurants nearby.

F & B and convenience store

9. Recommend place
the places for bush walking


9. Etc

Check in – 4 PM
Check out – 11 Am

Please use trash can on the deck outside

Bug screen
There are many bugs outside. So use bug screen and please don’t let the door

No smoking indoor
Indoor smoking is strictly prohibited (including smoking in the restroom)
If indoor smoking is detected, you may be required to leave the premises, and a cleaning fee of 100,000 won will be imposed.

You can only smoke on the deck outside.

Please close living room window, because it could be flown to inside. I do not want to kill or hurt the bugs which enter the place out of curiosity.

Thank you!
If you have any questions or need any further assistance, feel free to ask